Amazing Widgets is an amazing set of home widgets for your Android device.

Are you tired of low-quality graphic widgets? Do you want to give your device a unique look, saving battery life in the same time?

Amazing Widgets is the answer.

Specifically designed to be super-good looking at the eye and featherweight for your device, Amazing Widgets takes advantage of high-level programming that doesn’t consume battery life as much as other battery-leeching widgets.

The widgets are silent as long as the device is quiet, and when you use it, the widgets change their status as a change is applied (through the widgets themselves or System-wide). So there is no running service as widgets are running, granting your battery life to stay untouched by the widgets.


The Widgets

The available Widgets in the set are:

  • Wifi: 3-status widget (on – enabling/disabling – off)
  • Bluetooth: 3-status widget (on – enabling/disabling – off)
  • GPS: on/off with link to Location Settings page (as proper Android API requires)
  • Syncronization: Turn on/off Automatic Synchronization
  • Brightness: 3-status widget (Brightness at 0% – 50% – 100%)
  • Ringer Mode: 2-status widget (Volume On – Vibration Mode)

Actually we’re developing APN Toggle, 2G-3G Toggle and more widgets. Amazing Widgets will be updated with this new widgets as they completely pass beta test phase.


The Themes (Wood, Solid, Glass and Transparent)

Amazing Widgets actually offers 4 different themes:

  • Opaque (with solid background)
  • Glass (50% transparent background)
  • Transparent (transparent background)
  • Wood

More themes are coming as the app is being constantly developed.

Availability, Issue Tracking and Contacts

Amazing Widgets is available at Android Market for purchase.

For suggestions, requests and issues send a message to the developer through Android Market or compile this form with:


as first line of your message.